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About Me

Hi there! My name is Marinne Connors

I'm the artist behind Destination Art Co. 

I've always had a love for the arts. Growing up, I would often be found crafting and creating. My love for creating continued in high school where I took as many art classes as I could.


When I moved away for college at Brigham Young University - Idaho, I met my best friend and she introduced me to the outdoors. We spent our time exploring the west and I started to keep a very long list of favorite places. Together, we started taking our paints outside and plein air painting during our travels.


These adventures let me to start an art business founded on painting favorite places! I believe that a painting can transport you back to a favorite place or memory, and I love creating art that does just this. My artwork is created using watercolor paint and archival ink for detailing. Visit my gallery to see my body of work and follow along to see new pieces. I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Fun Facts

Here are a few fun facts about me!

  1. I am an avid Chaco wearer. They are my preferred shoe in just about every situation.

  2. Call me a child, but I love cotton candy. It's a must-get at events and I may or may not have some in my pantry at all times.

  3. I live in Utah now, but I grew up on the coast of Maine. My heart is happy in the mountains and by the sea.

  4. Buy me a coke and we'll be besties. 

  5. Someday I dream of visiting all of the National Parks in the United States. So far I've marked off 9!

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